Our Vision



The purpose of the group is to foster a dialogue among academics, PhD students, those teaching or studying in the broad area of Fashion Marketing Consumption + Discourse and to expand knowledge, expertise and practice.  

The FMCd is primarily linked with the Academy of Marketing as a special interest group, but membership is not dependent on being an AM member (although we encourage it).  Go here to become a member of FMCd (it is free).  

Mission statement

The FMCd research network is a special interest group that takes a transdisciplinary approach to interrogating and debating fashion marketing and consumption issues; it aims to contribute to knowledge, research and publications in this subject territory through the combined efforts of its membership, network and community.

Group Name

It is helpful to offer up a dissection and rationale behind the ‘etymology’ to the name of the group.  We take a tripart approach to exploring Fashion issues and theories through the lens of marketing and consumption, underpinned by discourse that demonstrates the groups’ desire to have an intellectual dialogue about such matters.   

Marketing: the group is primarily aligned with the prestigious Academy of Marketing and members of the group either teach and/or research within the broad discipline of marketing.

Consumption: taking a sociological view of consumerism and consumption to reflect the broad remit that this word encompasses from culture, consumerism.

Discourse: underpinning the group’s philosophy and because the members are inherently academics, we want to communicate that we are about, exploring, discovering, debating and interrogating fashion issues.


  • Support the growth + recognition of fashion marketing consumption teaching research and discourse and contribute to empirical understanding and research outputs;
  • Facilitate networking and interaction among academics, commercial fashion/industry and policy makers;
  • Foster a dialogue and research on related issues, and disseminate research findings, theoretical contributions, and successful business practices among members;
  • Provide a forum for discussion among marketing academics, practitioners and students interested in fashion marketing and consumption.
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Dr Kate Armstrong

Founder + Chair