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When: June 18th 2020

at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Call for Papers

Deadlines and more details about submission will be released will be circulated soon.


Fun Fact:

Historically, fashion has been used as incitement for rebellion; sometimes more is needed to spur others into action, or rather less. In the 11th century Godgifu, or Lady Godiva as she is known, is said to have made a deal with her husband, that if he lowered his oppressive taxes on the town of Coventry, she would ride through its streets naked. Surprisingly, she called his bluff and did just that. Freeing the people of Coventry from their oppression and riding her way into the history books. While this may not have occurred, it does seem very similar to the act of penance, wherein a person who wishes to atone themselves will walk through the streets of their town or city with their hair down and only their chemise to clothe them. It was usually not meant as an act of rebellion, but some have twisted it into a masterful PR move, or defiance against a system.

Link to Call for Papers


Call for Papers

Rebellion, Riots and Revolution

Is Fashion in Turmoil?

Or is the industry rebuilding new paradigms for a positive, sustainable future?

Colloquium Themes


The FMCd 2nd Colloquium explores the theme of riots and rebellion within our global interactions in the context of fashion marketing and consumption. We accept papers in any broad theme that explores the intersection of any sub topics of your research that resonates with this theme in its broadest or granular sense. 


Themes centered around (but not limited to)

·       Sustainability, Circular Economy

·       Social Enterprise

·       Technology and Digital

·       Disruption

·       Innovation

·       Mobile and social media

·       Retail futures

·       Cultural appropriation in the fashion industry

·       Ethics

·       Consumption, consumerism, consumer behaviour

·       Branding

·       Future landscapes

·       Marketing communications

and more ….